In last year’s annual affiliate report, the Florida Council of Teachers of English shared some changes leaders made in order to better serve FCTE members and the organization.  


The affiliate’s annual Professional Development Institute, which had traditionally been held in the fall, was moved to the spring to accommodate the scheduling demands of football season (anyone who follows the sport knows Florida is a BIG football state!), the challenges that can follow hurricane season, and the need to allow teachers more time to get administrative approval for professional development funds. FCTE also found that a fall state conference could present a conflict for those teachers who also wanted time off that same semester to attend NCTE.  


FCTE also made changes in the assignment of its board responsibilities, moving the planning of the annual conference from the second vice president to the first vice president. “We did this so that the PDI chair would have more time in the leadership queue to develop a theme, make contacts, and learn the ropes before bearing the great responsibility of the PDI,” explained affiliate leadership.


With annual affiliate reports due in July, this summer may be the perfect time to rethink affiliate calendars and bylaws, considering any areas where change might be beneficial. “Changing traditions is difficult,” said FCTE President Carrie Perry, “and it has meant some confusion for our membership. However, we anticipate that the positive results in the long term will outweigh any of the inconveniences in the short term.”